Who is Hotter: Ukrainian or Russian Women?

How do Russian women differ from Ukrainian women? Despite the fact that the Ukrainian and Russian people are considered closely related, their ethnic psychology is significantly different. And females of both countries are slightly different.  It is not only about the type of beauty, but also about the whole set of psychological features.

When Background Means

Differences in appearance are due to the origin, as well as genetic mixing with the peoples living in the neighborhood.

  • The beauty of the Russian woman is more to the northern, Finnish-Baltic type. These are blond hair (different shades) and eyes (blue, gray, green).
  • Ladies from Ukraine, on the contrary, are more like southerners. Their facial features are larger and more expressive. Bright contrasts prevail in shades of eyes, skin, and hair: chestnut or stinging black hair (there are almost no natural blondes), thick black eyebrows with light skin, black, brown or rich green eyes.
  • If the beauty of a Russian woman can be compared to a crystal-cold winter or a shy early spring, then the beauty of their counterpart is undoubtedly the height of August, the very sun. Each of these types is good in its own way. Who are hotter: girls from Ukraine are sexier since females from Russia are more skillful in the art of seduction.

National Сharacter

In the same way, personal features of females from both states are different. Russians are more restrained, docile and patient. Such a woman forgives a lot of things to her man and in some cases is really ready to make efforts. In her character, there is an obvious influence of norms.

Their vis-a-vises are more rebellious, obstinate and freedom-loving nature, due to the strong influence of the cult of the Mother Goddess. It was spread on the territories that are now occupied by modern Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine. This lady is less inclined to forgive a man for his imperfections and is always ready to defend her rights in a heated argument.

Ukrainians rarely allow themselves to be driven into the position of the victim, more often they scandal and more actively protect themselves. No doubt, they are perfect in lovemaking.

Too Independent?

Such a high level of divorces for both states is due, first of all, to the money problems (Ukraine) and love to alcohol (Russia) from local husbands. In the third and fourth places are sexual incompatibility and betrayal of the spouses.

In general, the majority of facts confirms the “hotter” temperament of the Ukrainian women, and their free, “matriarchal” views while for their counterparts preserving a family is a top priority.

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