Badoo vs Tinder: Pros & Cons

Nowadays young people meet each other online, and a huge number of dating sites have appeared on the Internet. One of the hottest debates on this subject goes around two industry giants – about their positive & negative sides.

These are the two of the most popular apps for romantic communication. Of course, each user chooses the option based on personal preferences. But there are some criteria to simplify the choice.

Tinder or Badoo?

  • Interface and convenience of the program

Both applications are equally simple and practical to use. They do not contain extra features and additional menus. However, Tinder is more suitable for mobile devices (in fact, it is only a mobile application), while another option is OK for PC.

  • Audience

In both programs, there is a user moderation that eliminates fakes, spammers. With each transformation of applications, on platforms, there are more than adequate, and above all real people. Tinder is closely related to the Facebook account; the probability that a new acquaintance will be a “live” user is quite high. According to the developers, the audience of Badoo on the site exceeds 350 million, on Tinder more than 200.

  • Search

In both applications, people are searched for by specified parameters and based on geolocation.

  • Paid service

They are free resources in which, however, you can buy additional features for real money (something like a golden profile or Premium package). Badoo provides more diverse paid services than Tinder and imposes fewer restrictions on users.

Advantages and disadvantages of Badoo

This dating site was founded in 2006. The audience of the platform is wide; you can get acquainted with people from different parts of the world and of any age.

Platform pros:

  • Privacy settings that you can change (for example, so that not all content is public).
  • Each user can see people who have visited his profile and are interested in him.
  • The site is available for PC and contains no advertising.
  • Estimated daily pairs found. Evaluating couples, the user will help the application with finding an interesting person for himself, as the best algorithm for finding a partner will be displayed.

Pros of Tinder:

  • Function “Message read.” The user sees whether his message has been opened or not.
  • You can use Invisible feature and remain unnoticeable for many users (valid until the moment you exit the application).
  • It serves as a social network and messenger, there are several ways to verify (photo, phone, social networks).
  • Search for people nearby.

Among obvious cons for two apps:

  • There are many scammers and bad wishers who may easily register the profile.
  • There is a probability of leakage personal information and penetration of viruses to the gadget soft.
  • Your life can be threatened at the first date with a stranger.

So it is up to you what love assistant is better for your needs.

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