10 Mistakes Which Totally Kill the Date

To make a good impression and win over the other person, do not make these annoying mistakes.

1. Too Serious Expectations

Naturally, you are anticipating a nice person. But do not expect that you will immediately begin to build a common future. Do not joke about your life together at the very beginning of the evening. Do not make loud statements about the nature of the interlocutor, when you know almost nothing about her.

2. Mention of past problems

Everyone has behind him has an unpleasant experience. But do not talk about the old grievances on the first date. You can talk about them with a psychotherapist, but not with a potential partner. If all the talk revolves around what kind of love is an insidious thing, the interlocutor will alert and close.

3. Talk About Politics

The situation in the world is very tense now. But don’t get into the political debate right away. Think if you can talk about it calmly. If it is important for you to weed out people with opposing political views, wait until the second date.

4. Focus on yourself

A good conversation means that you listen to each other, ask questions and share something about yourself. But often man is so keen on his own story that he forgets to ask questions. Maybe he wants to make an impression by listing his achievements. Maybe he does not consider someone else’s opinion worthy of attention.

5. To be too closed

Some find it difficult to talk about them, but without this the conversation will be one-sided. Be sure to share something. There are people who immediately transfer the conversation back to themselves.

6. To be silent too long

Some girls will be glad that you do not need to look for a topic for conversation. But when there is an awkward pause, tell about your interests and hobbies.

7. Excessive perseverance

If you are ready for sex after the first date, do not put pressure on the other person. No one will be comfortable with someone who does not understand the word “no.” Be confident, but calmly accept failure.

8. Unclear intentions

Everyone expects something from his date. As a result, misunderstandings often arise. Tell what you want at the beginning of dating. It is not necessary to declare this instead of a greeting, but do not wait. Honesty is welcomed.

9. Obsession

Let’s say you liked each other and decided to meet again. Behave yourself naturally. Arrange a time and wait for the appointed day. Do not write a hundred messages a day, do not add to friends in all social media and do not send your juicy photos.

10. Bad look.

Think over your image in advance. Take care that all your garments are rather new and ironed. Wash and style your hair, use a perfume with a pleasant aroma.

Study this basic list and try to avoid these gaps in the future. Wish you good luck.

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