Re-Entering the Workforce

Re-Entering the Workforce? Your Strategy Hinges on Your Circumstances

Re-entering the workforce can be a difficult challenge, and it’s one millions of Americans are facing right now. Whether you’re a home-maker, an older worker who was displaced during the recession, or you’ve been out of work due to illness or injury, you’ll need an effective strategy to get back to work during a tough job market.

The approach you take on your resume when re-entering the workforce depends on  your circumstances. It’s illegal for employers to discriminate in hiring based on, for example, leaving the workforce to look after a child, tend to a sick relative, or recover from temporary disability. Even so, though, the best way to avoid difficulty is to be proactive and help keep employers honest by arranging your resume carefully.

Avoid Employer Bias and Make Your Transition Easier

On this page, Career Excellence Advisors will archive our news and tips on re-entering the workforce. If you’ve been unemployed for several months, or became unemployed during the recession, you might also be interested in our long-term unemployment page. That page also discusses ways to apply for a job when the listing specifies “employed applicants only,” plus other dilemmas you might face.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, active retiree, returning military personnel, or non-traditional grad who has just finished retooling your skills, re-entering the workforce doesn’t have to be a hassle. Keep an eye on this page for the latest news and information on how to make your transition a success.

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